MISAPOR - A successful story with perspective

It began with three visionaries who, in a laboratory in the Swiss mountains, developed an idea until it was ready for market and then built up a group of companies with more than a hundred employees in various European countries: the MISAPOR success story has always been inspired by the inventive and pioneering spirit. The development is by no means complete. Today, MISAPOR continues to develop new procedures, alternative building materials and innovative system solutions.


15 things you should know about MISAPOR 

MISAPOR is a Swiss company and was founded in December 1982. Since then the company has been based in Albula/Alvra in the Grisons.

The first years of the start-up phase were characterized by product and application development. We have established ourselves as a pioneer in the manufacture, distribution and use of foam glass products. At the beginning of 1995 Daniel Engi took up the position of CEO to head the company and started an incomparable success story with great prospects. Innovation and quality are still the pillars of our success today.

MISAPOR foam glass is manufactured at two Swiss sites. The original plant is located in Surava (GR). In 2002 we expanded and opened a second plant in Dagmersellen (LU).

Besides the production sites, MISAPOR also operates various customer service offices in Switzerland, Germany and recently also in France. Our experienced sales crew is on site and supports you from the consultation to installation.

MISAPOR employs some 60 people in Switzerland and abroad. Our crew are distinguished by many years of experience paired with an innovative spirit and an entrepreneurial approach.

MISAPOR is a purely mineral product and consists of 98% recycled glass. Ecology and sustainability are important to us – we are environmentally friendly and worlds ahead in the protection of nature.

Each year MISAPOR converts some 40,000 tons of recycled glass into an innovative and sustainable construction material. Primarily it is glass of the type mixed glass and green glass from bottles that is used. In fact we are not recyclers, we are upcyclers.

The Swiss Federal Office of the Environment (BAFU) declares MISAPOR to be an “ecologically valuable product” and rewards the collection and feeding-in of recycled glass in our manufacturing with correspondingly higher VEG compensation rates (prepaid disposal charge).

MISAPOR is “baked” in the oven – this is why we have become known as “stone bakers”. As a baking base, the recycled glass that has been prepared and ground beforehand is mixed with mineral activators and heated to an average of 900 degrees Celsius in a conveyor furnace. The throughput time is around 30 mins.  As it is conveyed out, the foam glass cake then gets fragmented in the cooling section to form the familiar aggregate structure.

MISAPOR has an annual production capacity of around 250,000 cubic metres of cellular glass. To illustrate: with this annual quantity from MISAPOR we could lay out a path of about 700 km with stones. Still, it is not our company philosophy to put stones in the way.

MISAPOR – hard shell, soft core. MISAPOR looks like stone, but is actually a mineral. It has many valuable properties:  MISAPOR is insulating, frost-proof, freeze-thaw resistant, capillary-breaking, draining off, load-bearing and very light.

MISAPOR is unique, and yet our stone collection is as versatile and varied as your projects.  With our product range we offer the right solution for almost every project-specific challenge – please inquire, our experienced specialists will be happy to advise you.

Over 40,000 properties have already been supplied with MISAPOR. 4,000 more projects are added every year. Already more than three million cubic metres of foam glass have left our factory premises. . We have continued to retain our broad-based know-how.

MISAPOR is not only strong as a material, but is also a strong partner. And this not only in theory but also on the building site. Benefit from our wealth of experience, we will be happy to assist you from the planning through to the installation. Personal, competent, friendly.

MISAPOR is simply easy. Easy to handle, easy to install, simply good. Give us a try, we will be happy to impress you.


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personal expert advice

Reinhold Zils

Reinhold Zils

Sales consultant Team Germany

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Jérôme Ragu

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David Käser

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Sébastien Perriard

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