Our employees are highly experienced specialists when it comes to solving object-specific cellular glass challenges.

We sell solutions. The product, cellular glass, is always part of this. Equally important is our experience from thousands of applications in a wide variety of fields.

We place high value on open dialogue, a complete service and effective support. This is particularly the case with all products from MISAPOR, since their use is not only a standard application - MISAPOR often takes the role of problem-solver in totally new and particular situations.

Our mission is to maximize the benefits of MISAPOR for every object. This requires not just an excellent product, but also a complete service. We strive daily to achieve these goals for our customers.


MISAPOR – personal, on site and there when you need us. We advise and support you from planning through to installation. This creates security and guarantees optimal quality. On request, we will be pleased to confirm correct installation of MISAPOR in writing.