Office buildings Cavigelli, Ilanz

Description of property

This modern, three-storey office building by Cavigelli Ingenieure AG in Ilanz lives up to its name: the “Monolith” is impressive with its size and clearly defined language of form. With this 238% “plus energy” administration building, Cavigelli Ingenieure AG is setting an example as an innovative and attractive employer. The 24 employees benefit from pleasant, energy-efficient and ecologically friendly office rooms. The concept is convincing not only architecturally, but also technically. The exemplary PV system rated at a powerful 28.6 kW uses the whole of the flat roof, producing almost 30,000 kWh of solar power annually, and thus covers 238% of the total energy requirement. . The PV system with an area of 175 m2 is integrated in an east-west direction in such a way that light snow will fall off the panels. The thermal insulation and insulating concrete provide low U-values. The elegantly designed larch-wood slats protect against overheating in summer and ensure passive solar use in the winter season. A geothermal heat pump provides the hot water and heating energy for this showpiece PEB (Plus-Energy Building). The “comfort ventilation” system provides fresh air. Intelligent planning and professional craftsmanship came into play here. They have produced an excellent example of 21st century solar architecture, elegantly generating 133 kWh of electricity, equivalent to around 12 litres of heating oil per m2 of roof area, CO2-free, every year. This innovative plus-energy building, made of locally sourced materials, blends perfectly into the mountain landscape of Surselva and was awarded the Norman Foster Solar Award 2015.

Property profile

Office buildings Cavigelli, Ilanz
Year of construction
7130 Ilanz
Vincenz & Weishaupt Architekten AG, CH-7130 Ilanz
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