Trachycarpus Residence, Ascona

Description of property

The residential building with 10 condominiums is divided into two building units connected by the staircase and a residential bridge on the top floor. The floor plans are oriented towards the south, balconies in front of the building provide natural shade. Sliding wooden shutters protect from the sun and screen from passers-by, creating a private highly desirable outdoor area.
The studio, as a free-standing Misapor concrete cube, is presented with a monolithic cantilevered roof.
The outdoor facilities with palm trees from the old stock convey a Mediterranean mood. Carefully designed paths combine the residential building, the studio, a pool with a terrace and a koi pond into a harmonious ensemble.
The clear architectural language of the building is brought into expression ideally by the Misapor concrete. The chestnut wood that is used harmoniously accompanies the homogeneous MISAPOR concrete, while creating exciting contrasts in the façades.
Pure and simple details and classic forms underscore the minimalist effect of MISAPOR concrete.

Property profile

Trachycarpus Residence, Ascona
Year of construction
6612 Ascona
Laubhaus AG, 5235 Rüfenach