Single-family home, Jenins

Description of property

Jenins is one of the four traditional wine-growing communities in the Bündner Herrschaft region of Graubünden. The white house in the orchard belongs to the group Weingut zur Sonne, at the exit of the old village centre in the direction of Malans. The pentagonal ground plan emerges from references to the surroundings. The two symmetrical, classical gable façades stand in the north-east parallel to the main road and in the west parallel to the border of the orchard. The northern side-eave façade flanks the access courtyard. The room sequences and the window openings reflect the size and allocation of the rooms on the pentagonal floor plan. The living room with the large window to the veranda in front facing south, the kitchen in the south-west with the two windows around the corner to the south and west. On the upper floor there is the guest room with the gable window to the east, and the bedroom with a room-high sliding window to the south and the gable window to the east.
The white house is built completely monolithically of MISAPOR concrete with white cement, left visible from the outside and inside. The walls are 50 cm thick throughout. The floorboards are made of solid oak, reminiscent of viticulture. The house is heated passively by the sun, and also by the chimney and a geothermal heat pump for the base load.

Property profile

Single-family home, Jenins
Year of construction
7307 Jenins
Atelier-f Architekten, CH-7306 Fläsch
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