Thermal Insulation: What is thermal insulation?




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Cellular glass

Cellular glass

Everything the same gravel? Not with us! The MISAPOR product range offers the right foam glass for every application.

Building from a single cast

Insulating concrete

Insulating concrete

MISAPOR concrete is an insulating concrete. The MISAPOR that is incorporated provides the insulating function. Additional insulation is not required.

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Cellular glas gravel in use - insulating concrete in use. Nothing speaks better for a product than successful projects.

Thermal Insulation

The term thermal insulation is most commonly used to describe the process that is used to keep something at a stable temperature. It may refer to the steps taken to insulate buildings or objects to reduce the transmission or loss of heat, and it can also mean the material that is used to protect an area or object from heat - either loss or entrance - in the form of conduction, convection or radiation. In manufacturing, construction and industry, thermal insulation can mean the difference between good and bad working conditions, product viability and even profit and loss. Whether you want to keep energy bills low, reduce noise or maintain the optimum temperature level for volatile materials, good thermal insulation is vital. Today some of the most exciting thermal insulation solutions include insulating concrete and foam glassand high grade, energy efficient products can be viewed at Both insulating concrete and foam glass thermal insulation offer cost effective ways to achieve the results you want with the minimum of disruption, and will assist in providing you with the stable environment you require for many years to come.

Other applications for thermal insulation products

MISAPOR is one of the world's leading names in thermal insulation and with over 30 years of experience the company is well placed to provide clients with solutions that are tailored to their needs. There is so much more to thermal insulation than simply ensuring that a building is draught free, and there are numerous applications where foam glass and insulating concrete make a difference in terms of durability, profit and energy efficiency. For example, insulating concrete can be used for sports fields to limit vibration, wear and frost damage on running tracks and other surfaces, thus reducing the need for costly repairs and maintenance. As highly effective thermal insulation materials for construction use, MISAPOR concrete and MISAPOR foam glass are strong and reliable, water and frost resistant and have exceptional load bearing properties. Insulating concrete and foam glass as aggregate can also be combined with flooring materials such as concrete and wood to reduce heat loss and to lower the building's carbon footprint.

Other advantages of thermal insulation materials

Choosing the right type of thermal insulation material will save you money and ensure that temperatures are uniform throughout any room or space. When exterior temperatures are either extremely hot or extremely cold, thermal insulation such as that in wall cavities, roof and under floor areas keeps the interior stable and is less expensive than air conditioning or fossil fuel heating. Thermal insulation provides a permanent solution that unlike costly heating or cooling machinery doesn't need to be adjusted or maintained. Choosing MISAPOR foam glass allows you to create a unique thermal bridge free construction, and it can also be used to provide ballast in vertical walls such as those found in cellars and basements. Not only does this type of thermal insulation make a difference in terms of cost, it is environmentally friendly and can be used in any type of construction.

To learn more about the exclusive thermal insulation qualities of MISAPOR insulating concrete and foam glass, or to see how you can save money and effort, take a look at today.

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