MISAPOR is not just a cellular glas

In began with three visionaries who, in a laboratory in the Swiss mountains, developed an idea    until it was ready for market and then built up a group of companies with more than a hundred employees in various European countries: the MISAPOR success story has always been inspired by the inventive and pioneering spirit. The development is by no means over. Today, MISAPOR continues to develop new procedures, alternative building materials and innovative system solutions.

Expansion and restructuring

In 1982, when MISAPOR AG, was founded at Surava in the Swiss canton of Graubünden, the basic recipe for cellular glas was already known. However, a considerable amount of time was still to be invested in research and development. The aim was to achieve reproducibility and constant high quality of the final product. In 1987 it was ready: The first plant was able to begin operation at Surava. A second opened in Dagmersellen, in 2002, due to increased demand. A trend that continued. In 2009, a facility was opened at Brusnengo in northern Italy and in 2011 this was joined by the first plant in western Germany, at Dormagen. This expansion was followed by restructuring: Since 2009 MISAPOR has operated as an international group of companies.

New applications

Only a few years ago, MISAPOR AG was focused on a single area of application, perimeter insulation. With expansion, increased capacity, the unprecedented creativity of customers and the excellent properties of MISAPOR, many new innovative potential uses and applications were found. Currently, MISAPOR is used in building and civil engineering, for insulation, as a lightweight aggregate, for drainage, noise barriers, in the garden and landscaping, etc.

Who invented it?

As a pioneer, MISAPOR developed celular glas until it was ready for market. It was the first and, for a number of years, the only manufacturer. Of course, the process was quickly copied. Since then, other cellular glas manufacturers have appeared. MISAPOR takes it all calmly. Know-how and experience from 30,000 applications in the last 30 years is not so easy to copy. Customers know this and appreciate sound advice. They do not pass MISAPOR by. MISAPOR is the only cellular glas that has acquired the European ETA certificate and thus offers its customers maximum security in all areas.




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