One for all? - Not with us!

MISAPOR is the only provider of glass foam gravel to have such a broad know-how and such long-standing experience. All our customers benefit from MISAPOR's continuous research and development. Our product family offers the right material for any application.

MISAPOR Greenlight
Extremely lightweight - extremely effective

As clever system solution MISAPOR Greenlight is in use recently by Rockfall X Geobrugg in Valais. The new system reduces weight by 30% and increases the damping activity of the installed modules. A win-win situation through innovation.

MISAPOR Standard Plus:
Proven sustainability in construction

Firefighters Laufenburg (Baden Wuerttemberg) trusts on our Swiss quality product MISAPOR Standard Plus 10/50. Optimum thermal insulation combined with high compressive strength and low setting - important decision factors that planners and builders have equally convinced (built in 2016).

MISAPOR - Our quality provides safety.

MISAPOR insulating concrete -
comfort including

Whether used in monolithic construction or with the special MISAPOR core insulation systems, CIS, the insulating concrete meets the highest aesthetic and functional requirements. Thus all Minergie standards are met without sacrificing good appearance. The compact, thermal bridge free shell also guarantees an extremely pleasant indoor climate.


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